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Our Song

Our Prayers Are Heard (Lyrics)

You gave us breath,
You gave us life,
You gave us earth to roam,
Our Christ is Light, Light of the World,
Our hearts became your home.
Your footprints lead me through the sand,
I need your Love each day,
I need your grace, I need you Lord,
I need to know the way.
[1:16] Chorus:
My Prayers are Heard,
I’ve been redeemed,
My Lord, my God, has made me clean,
And like a dove, I’ll fly so high,
Unending life, Ever Alive.
The path is straight, the gate so small,
So many ways to be,
The Angels will take charge for us,
Soon comes eternity.
[2:27] [2:58] Chorus: (x2)
White robes we’ll wear and streets of Gold,
Death, sorrow, crying, nor,
Before the Lamb, We bow our heads,
Pleasures for evermore.
Pleasures for evermore,

With you for evermore.