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Our Family

My family and I are a praying, bible believing family. I have 2 sons, Lorne, and Lance. My wife passed away back in 2006 from Cancer. She was 49. Christ has been very good to us and our faith and God’s Holy Spirit has helped us through what we have been through and we are a happy, blessed, and believing family of 3 now. Inge loved God, loved Jesus Christ and is in Heaven waiting to see us again one day.

I read my bible every day, and we are faithful in attending Church, tithing, plus we support evangelism in Israel and world missions as well as local and world relief.

Upon my reading of the scriptures, God revealed to me a message and theme that is profound and I believe it will not only be invaluable for teaching to young and old alike, but also I expect it could start what I hope is a world revival. Again, it is so profound, and easy to remember that it has deeply touched my heart and I believe God has called me to take it to the world and that is what I am trying to do with it.