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My Group of Heaven

Be Happy each day that the sun shines on your Face,
the wind blows through your hair,
and the rain drops fall on your brow.
Hold tight to those you Love and those who Love you,
for Life is Just a Vapour and then it is Gone.
And when things happen, some give up everthing
to stand in the Gap for those who need it.
A Special Thank You and Much Prayer for
My Group of Heaven,
Sister Ann
Brother in Law, Terry
Aunt Jessie
Uncle Lorne
Dearest Millie
“No Words can come forth to thank them,
for what happened to me in 2006, and for
what would happen on the road to my full
recovery and return to full time work,
05 November 2007.”
“Help me, Oh God, to Never Forget Them in Prayer”