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My Simple Prayer

Father, I thank you for this day and for your many blessings.
I thank you for forming me and bringing me forth into this
world. I thank you for baptizing me with water, then fire,
then for sending me to the Salvation Army to receive the message,
“Jesus Christ is 3:16″. I thank you for all of the blessings that would
allow this message to go to the world through this website. I thank
you Lord for giving me the courage, boldness, and strength to do what
you would have me do, to fight for lost souls, and to fight for you Lord.
I also thank you Lord for the patience and endurance to see this
message and website become reality especially during times when
storm clouds formed against it.

I thank you for bringing Inge into my life.
I thank you for my sons, Lorne and Lance,
and for keeping me on this earth to care for them,
as Inge, my wife and their Mom,
has went home ahead of me to help you prepare for my coming.
I especially thank you for the second greatest gift, that
being free will to choose or reject you rather than forcing
yourself on me or the world.
And then I thank you for the greatest gift ever given to man
and that is your son and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
And finally, I thank you for your Holy Spirit.
All these things I pray in your precious name, Jesus Christ,
and in the name of your Holy Spirit,