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The Flavor of Churches

Some people like Coffee. Some people like Tea. Some like Pop, or Juice.

My Question? When it comes to Church, which flavor do you like? Some have only pianos or organs. Some have guitars and drums. In some, hands are raised and hands clap and in some, people dance and speak in special prayer languages, and in some, uniforms are worn. In some, worship is very quiet and in some, worship is much more outgoing. I would love you to come to my Church, but Worship is not about the kind of worship, but is about Jesus Christ.

Church is about where one came from, and where one is going. Church is about walking with Jesus Christ, his love, the benefits he provides, his support in good times and not so good times, and life’s hills and valleys. Church is about Eternal life and is about Heaven. I pray you will find a Church which is your flavor, but be sure it teaches the Word of God. Be sure it teaches that Jesus Christ is God in the Flesh, and be sure it teaches about the Holy Spirit, all of which is the word of the living God.

I pray that if you are already saved, and would like to come back to Church, that when you arrive, you will reaffirm Jesus Christ as your Savior. It is a wonderful thing to do. Married people, for example, would never hesitate to renew their vows so why not renew your commitment to Jesus Christ as your way to Heaven and Everlasting Life? I pray that next Sunday, you will be in the Church of your Flavor. God Bless you in the name of my Father, God, my Savior, Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.